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Business/store introduction

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Business introduction

Yama no Okage-ya started as a small butcher shop in 2014 under the name ``Akamaru Beef Shop''.

The main focus was to provide meat to local customers and nearby restaurants.

Currently, we are expanding our business to include wholesale beef sales, retail sales, EC (online mail order), and restaurants.

The meat we handle is of high quality from Tottori Prefecture, including Tottori Wagyu beef produced by Torikai Livestock. In recent years, we have received requests from high-quality restaurants and eateries in Tokyo, Osaka, and Hiroshima to send meat to them.

Tottori Wagyu Beef Specialty Store Yama no Okageya Tottori Wagyu Olein 55

store information

main office

Restaurant wholesale/retail sales/EC/meat manufacturing

2-18 Fukuniwa-cho, Kurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture 682-0018
Phone: 0858-26-1129
Business hours 10:00-18:00
Closed: Sundays and Wednesdays

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Hawaii store

Tottori Wagyu beef sales/Yakiniku meals

1455-1 Tago, Yurihama-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori 682-0721
Phone: 0858-35-2941
Meat sales 11:00-19:00

Lunch 11:00-15:00 (LO 14:30)

Dinner 17:00-21:00 (LO 20:30)

*Closed only on weekends and holidays: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

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Tottori Wagyu Beef Specialty Store Yama no Okageya Tottori Wagyu Olein 55

Commercial wholesale


For restaurants and mail order business owners

We offer commercial wholesale and gift items.

Chefs and restaurants ask, “Do you have this kind of meat?”
In response to the request,
We will work with you to find the part that meets your needs.
Small restaurants, no dedicated meat cutting staff

Also for restaurants,
We also accept detailed orders from small portions.


Carcasses from Tottori Prefecture Meat Center (Torikai Kaikusan ships 4 heads per month)
The maximum expiration date is 50 days. The meat is cut into small pieces at a meat center, which prevents the growth of bacteria.

Business partners

Mr. Joel Robuchon
(Ebisu / French)

It goes without saying that this is the pinnacle of Japanese French cuisine. We guarantee your absolute satisfaction with our food, service, and variety. It all started when someone tasted our Wagyu bacon and asked us to send it right away. Since then, we have been sending meat every week. There was a time when they preferred Wagyu beef skirt steak, but now they use Tottori Wagyu beef loin. We only handle sirloin, so we chose sirloin with a good yield.

Mr. Black Terrace
( Aobadai/California cuisine)

It's located in a hidden location, and when you enter the restaurant, you can enjoy a relaxing meal on a sofa seat surrounded by a stylish mural. Since the store opened, we have been selling Tottori Wagyu Olein 55 sirloin in kilograms and Tottori beef T-bone steaks in single pieces. The steaks are grilled vigorously over wood, and each time the steak is cooked perfectly and the surface is perfectly browned, adding a delicious flavor to the refreshing Olein 55. The chef's passion is also reflected in the sauces and side menus.

Mr. Troisflèche
(Ginza/Steak restaurant)

This is a famous restaurant that uses a pot in the back of the kitchen and grills the meat over Bincho charcoal. A creative French restaurant that serves Japanese sake in addition to wine for course pairings. The highlight is the main meat. Before grilling, the meat itself is served on a large tray and you choose from among them. At Trois Fraiches, we only deal with female cows, so we will contact you when we receive cows in good condition and we will wet-age them at our company. Those aged for 30 days or more are preferred. We will deliver it when it's about time.

Mr. Wankoan
(Okayama /Accommodation)

A relaxing hot spring inn where you can stay with your dog.

All 5 modern Japanese rooms are equipped with an open-air bath where you can enjoy Shimoyubara Onsen, a footbath, and a bath tub for dogs.

Meat-based dishes are served in a private dining room where you can eat with your dog.

Our business started when I received a phone call while I was looking for fins.

Currently, we send about 10 to 20 kilograms of Wagyu beef fillet every month.

Mr. Igarashi (Roppongi / Japanese food)

He runs a Japanese restaurant in a room in a building in Roppongi. Our customers are looking forward to the hand-made soba made by our chef every day.
We regularly send out 100% yield of about 6 600g blocks with all fat and streaks removed. Shinshin is the finest part of the peach. Since the meat will be used as one of the dishes in the Japanese cuisine course, I wanted something that was light and easy to eat. It used to be used as ``Kainomiya'', but now people like the smooth fat and meat flavor of ``Shinshin''.

Bistro de Coeur (Tottori/French)

The monthly course meals prepared by our highly creative chefs are of a high standard and offer excellent cost performance. You can also taste rare wines and sake.
We deliver steak cuts with a 100% yield rate, such as rump and fillet, according to your reservation.

Creative Teppanyaki Chitose (Tottori/Japanese cuisine)

A creative Japanese restaurant that only serves course meals, opened by a chef who trained for a long time at a Japanese inn.
For the main courses, we offer steaks from peach thighs and thighs, as well as loin and fillet depending on the price range. We deliver products with a yield of 100% to avoid any loss or scraps.

Kyoto Meat Cuisine Isshin-sama (Kyoto / Meat Kappo)

This is the oldest restaurant in Gion, Kyoto, which is crowded with meat restaurants. This is a very popular restaurant that is difficult to get reservations for.
As I watched the chef prepare the food behind the counter, the owner spoke to me and the transaction began. We send Tottori Wagyu beef tongue and tail with minimal processing every week.

Delivery record

Eating and drinking   Yakiniku restaurant, French, Italian, Japanese restaurant, wedding hall, izakaya, yakitori restaurant

mail order   Department stores, ordering sites, hometown tax payments

Tottori Wagyu Beef Specialty Store Yama no Okageya Tottori Wagyu Olein 55

retail wholesale sales


For retail stores and processed food wholesalers

We will propose original products from Yama no Okage-ya.

Starting with Tottori Wagyu bacon and corned beef, we offer handmade hamburgers, additive-free jerky, retort curry, and more.

Our butchers who handle Wagyu beef will propose a variety of products that are carefully selected to meet your needs.

Business partners

Yoshiya Co., Ltd., Sanyo Department Store Co., Ltd., Nakaura Foods Co., Ltd., Fujiland Tottori Co., Ltd.

Okayama Shinbashikan, KR Holdings Co., Ltd., Shinki Food Service Co., Ltd.,

Gomi Shoten Co., Ltd., Taiko Co., Ltd.

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